The world’s most qualified lone wolf (in the Marvel universe, in any case) drives an Audi R8. Tony Stark, or, as you may know him, Iron Man, drives the R8 not on account of it’s a fantastically quick mid-engine supercar fueled by a V10 motor imparted to Lamborghini, but for the reason of it being innovative and stupendously well-designed. On the off chance that you have an inclination that you and Tony have more in like manner than only an inclination for truly cool suits, the R8 could be for you.

Presently being the second-generation car, the Audi R8 has seen ceaseless changes throughout the years, acquiring more power, a way more advanced suspension setup, and loads of cool innovation in the lodge. The most recent models are none other than Computer wonders that seem more like accuracy guided land rockets than average traveling cars; however, even the previous R8s are amazing fun.