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Good condition, low mileage 46,500, MOT end Nov, Tax end Sept...

Price:£ 800.00
Type: Private

Citroen Ds3 2013 Vti 3 doors Petrol leyton...

Price:£ 9500.00
Type: Private
Price:£ 3650.00
Type: Private

Actual colour is Pepper Pot which is a met brown and very nice. ...

Type: Private
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Welcome to Search A Car website. Search A Car is a unique place for selling and buying new and used cars online. Search for new and used cars for sale at fantastic prices from local dealers and private sellers near you. View car photos, features, and if you like any cars for sale then contact seller directly. We have noticed that some sellers wanted their car to sell fast. In that case they reduce it's value from its marketing value. Beware of those cheap used cars for sale in market to get advantage of their cheap price offer. e.g some our users emailed us to buy their car as they they need to leave the country.

While selling a used car

Selling your car is likely that you will be competing for buyers. Everyday thousands of people look for a car to buy. Selling a car require time and experience. It's quite difficult for private sellers as they don't have such experience as car dealers. Even if your car is in mint condition but still buyer will try to knock down the price and still it's hard to sell. You have to be patient while selling your car. If you have made a successful sale then don't hand over the log book instead post it to buyer's address. Either you are private seller or a car dealer, you can advertise any number of cars for sale with no charges or catch. After you have listed the car, the buyer will contact you directly. Please keep in mind that Search A Car don't contact for selling or buying a car and we only provide advertising service online. With us you can advertise as many cars as you like. Please bare in mind that internet is open to everyone so always be vigilant when you receive any enquiry about your car. It's seller responsibility to check if the buyer is a genuine.

While Buying a used car.

Purchasing a car is sometime annoying and time consuming. Sometime the car you liked is sold and sometime price is too high. It may be the car on sales looks fine but it could have some major mechanical issue. It's up to a buyer that he should made all necessary check before buying the car and the seller is genuine. Please recheck details with buyer in case of any mistake. Please note that Search A Car do not involve in any car sales transaction and Search A Car only provide advertising service.